The gas volume calculator

For calculating the gas volume related to norm conditions the following program can be used. Also it is possible, when putting in the pipe diameter to calculate the velocity related to norm conditons. For decimal point please use the comma.

Description of the input windows:

Line 1 = Input of the operating-volume in m³/h or l/h.
Line 2 = Input of the operating-temperature in °C or °K.
Line 3 = Input of the operating-pressure in bar or mbar.

(2) FLOW RATE in m³/h
After finishing the input of all values in the 2. window the calculated volumes in m³/h will shown, related to NORM / STANDARD / ISO conditions.
In the 4. column free conditions are available.

Line 1 = Input of the inner pipe diameter in mm. Line 2 = Output of the velocity under norm conditions (0°C, 1013mbar). As dimension m/s or km/his available.

  The gas volume calculator.PDF